Stephen Cuccia

Stephen Cuccia is a native of California who is now a resident of Meridian, Idaho. He enjoys the outdoors, is devoted to his family, and is a tireless salesperson. He has been recognized as one of the top insurance salespeople by Aflac and other insurance firms. Now, Cuccia is concentrating his sales expertise on his own company, which is geared to assisting clients in obtaining freedom from timeshares that they may have purchased years ago. Easy Timeshare Relif is the name of the company he owns with his wife of nearly 30 years, which he founded (ETR). Easy Timeshare Relief was formed in 2009 by Stephen Cuccia and his wife Michelle Cuccia, who are both timeshare owners. As former employees of the travel business, both realized that there was a demand for their services among dissatisfied timeshare owners.

The timeshares, Cuccia says, have caused "a great deal of anxiety" among his clients in the travel business. "We found that many of our clients in the travel industry were expressing angst because they felt their timeshares would never end," Cuccia says. The solution to this problem for others became our top priority, thus we made it our mission. It was noted by Cuccia that 80 percent of timeshare owners admit that they were not fully aware of the financial commitment that was required of them when they purchased the timeshare. They were also unaware that they were at the mercy of the resort in terms of fees, upkeep, and other expenses. Those who have had timeshares in the past wish they had known what Cuccia and his family have taught them now.